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Dumper Kit

Unimog kippt seitlich Since Spring 2006 we have developed a 3-side Dumper Kit for the Unimog U1300 / 435 (Wheelbase 3250mm). We can deliver this kit in parts to you or we can assemble it to your Unimog. Of course we take care about all paper work and we provide the legal warranty as the manufacturer and supplier of this dumper kit.

More pictures can be found below at the bottom of the page.

Description of Modifications

The original Truck Bed is modified for this change and being reinforced to hold the hydraulic four stage Dump Cylinder. The Dumping angle is 55 degrees to back and sides (adjustable). No changes are applied to the Chassis of the Unimog. The six original mounting points for the truck bed are used. The dumping kit frame is just set on top of the ladder frame of the truck and fixed securely with twelve big bolts. The assembly of the truck bed is implemented using four single blockable ball heads, so that the bed can be dumped to three sides (left, Unimog kippt nach hintenright and back). The Hydraulic dumper cylinder operates with four stages and therefore is short enough to not disturb the Axles in offroad use.

Operation is done using a three way electrical switch: Up-Stop-Down.. The hydraulic dumper cylinder is powered by an electro-hydraulical unit, which operates independently from Motor and Gearbox and which is assembled simply between the ladders of the ladder frame from the Unimog.

Because the old Truck Bed hold and all luggage boxes below the truck bed are dismantled, the empty weight goes down from 5250 kg to 4700 kg. (without fuel, driver and tarpauling).

More changes: The rear lights have to be moved 20cm to the back, the air dryer needs to be moved as well in some cases. The fuel tank can stay at itís place.

Important: The general look of the Unimog is not changed due to this modification, the truck bed is lifted only a few centimeters, the reinforcements for the bed are not simply welded below the bed, they are truely integrated into the existing truck bed frame, so that the modification is nearly not visible.

On request we deliver:

Bullet4-stage Dumping Cylinder
BulletHydraulic Power Unit 24V
BulletDumping Frame for Unimog olive green ready to assemble

If required we execute on your truck the following:

BulletAssembly incl. reinforcement of truck bed and painting of modified parts
Bulletall required changes (see description in text above)

On Request we take care about all paper works, authorized auditing TUV engineers are in house on a weekly base.

If you are interested in this kit or on a modification of your Unimog donít hesitate to
call our friendly team, we are glad when we can help you!

Unimog dumping to back

Unimog dumping to back

Unimog dumping to back

Unimog dumping to left side

Unimog dumping to left side

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